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Meet our Team of Automotive Specialists

Meet our team of experts! The Payne Rio Motors dealership team is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate in the business and is dedicated to providing an unrivaled brand of customer service. From our general manager to our service technicians, our whole team is driven by a passion for automotive and incomparable service that is above reproach. Feel free to contact anyone you see below and test their automotive knowledge or schedule a test drive -- we are happy to help!

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With an impressive three-decade journey in the automoive industry, I am proud to lead the team at Payne Rio Grande City. My deep-rooted passion for cars and unwavering commitment to a customer satisfaction drive me in this role. As a die-hard fan of RAM. I understand the value of quality vehicles, and I'm dedicated to ensuring that our customers recieve the utomst care and expertise in fulfilling their automoitve needs. At Payne, we're not just about selling cars; we're about creating exceptional experiences and lasting relationships with our valied customers ! 


I have worked in the automotive industry for 13 years. My favorite car brand is Chevrolet. One thing I enjoy about working at payne is, I love the family oriented aspect they have implemented here at Payne and being able to help other individuals and bringing the best out of themselves is what I love to do!

Working at Payne is wonderful because of the employees teamwork and goals we have set up for each other and striving to be better! I love being able to make sure our customers are well taken care of and the loyalty that we have for our employees and customers here at Payne Rio!

Working for Payne Rio Grande City Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM has opened a new career path for me. I am beyond blessed as it's allowed me to grow as a person & provide for my family, but most importantly it's about the people that I've met or have yet to meet. It's extremely satisfying for me when I hand over the keys to my customers & they get to ride off in the car of their dreams.

1 Year Experience.
 I love being a salesman here at Payne Rio because I love helping customers getting their dream car, they can enter here with an idea of what they want and being able to surprise them that they can actually get a better vehicle and the car of their dreams is such an amazing feeling.
Working for Payne Rio Grande City Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM has given me the opportunity to meet a vast amount of people. People who I'm proud to say have become friends & returned as customers due to the service I provided towards them. There's no better feeling for me than seeing a returning customer or a customer who was referred to me, I take great pleasure in listening & finding the vehicle best suited for your needs. 

8 Years Experience.

As a new addition to the Payne family, I'm thrilled to embark on my automoitve journey here at Payne Rio Grande City. While my tenure in the industry may be the beginning and with the love of Ford vehicles, I'm eager to contribute to Payne's sales team. Which brings up why I enjoy working here at Payne. And  it's the postitve work enviroment. Everyone here encourajes you to be the best version of yourself. 

Bringing 12 years of automotive expertise to the Payne family, I'm passionate about both Ford and RAM vehicles. What truly captivates me about wroking here at Payne is the sense of belonging, a genuine family enviroment where teamwork and collaboration thrive. This close-knit atmosphere fuels my commitment to providing you with the best automotive solutions tailored to your needs. 

As a newcomer to the automotive scene, I bring fresh enthuasiasm and a keen interest in Dodge vehicles to the Payne family. What excites me most about working here at Payne is the opportunity to care of our customers and deliver exceptional service. Being a part of the best dealershuip adds to the pride I feel working here at Payne Rio Grande City. 

With an impresive 25 year tenure in the automotive industry, I birng a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Payne Rio Grande City. My unwavering passion for Ford vehicles has been a driving force throughout my career. What truly makes my time here at Payne special is the family-like work environment. The sense of camaraderie that fuels my dedication to providing you with top-notch service. 


I've worked in automotive for 18 years. My favorite car brand is Jeep. There are many things I enjoy about working at Payne, I love being able to help and interact with customers by being able to provide my services to them and help them get closer to their dream vehicle! I love the environment and the welcoming atmosphere that Payne provides and makes me love my job that much more.


With a 30 year career in the automoitve indusrty, I bring a wealth of expereince and expertise to my role as service manager at Payne Rio Grande City. As a lifelong enthusiast of Ford vehicles, I've not only witnessed the evoultion of automoitve technology but have been a dedicated part of it. What truly fuels my passion, through, is working at Payne. The dynamic enviormnet, the constant pursuit of excellence, and the opportunity to ensure that every vehicle that passed through our service center leaves in peak condition are what I find most rewarding. I'm here to lead our service team in delivering top-notch care and mainteance for your vehicle, ensuring it runs at its best for years to come. 

The work environment here at Payne Rio feels more like family than it does anything else. My favorite part of the job is seeing customers satisfied with the service we provided them. We get to take care of issues with all types of vehicles and bring ease to those that drive them.

Working at Payne Rio Grande City has brought me to have great opportunities to be better everyday.  One thing I enjoy about working here at Payne is customer interactions, helping customers get there vehicle back on the road with no porblems is one thing that motivates me to do better. With over 20 years in the automotive industry, helping customers is still what I take extreme pride in. 


Being able to work here is incredible. I love the work environment and my co-workers and I love doing what I do and love working with my fellow service technicians. I love how family oriented it is at Payne and how we strive to be better everyday.

I love the work environment and my co-workers and I love doing what I do and being able to do that in a family oriented business where everyone gets along and strives for the same goals is a blessed opportunity. I love being able to strive for better and being able to grow with experience in what i love to do.

When I started working for Payne Rio CDJR I knew this would impact my learning experience. From day one- my team was open to me bringing in new ideas. It is a blessing to work with amazing people but Payne has challenged me for the better and I am forever grateful. 
I have worked in the automotive industry for 1 year & 6 months. My favorite car brand is Ford but my favorite model from Ford is the Shelby Cobra. There are two reasons I enjoy working at Payne, I really enjoy learning how to fix & upgrade different parts on Ford Vehicles. I love helping colleagues and customers with their automotive needs.


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